Beauty Lunch


Skin is the membrane that is constantly in contact with the world. Skin is our border, protection and ultimate limit before we get in contact with what surrounds us. It’s our medium of communication. 

Skin, like the lungs, the kidneys and the bowels, it is also a major organ of elimination, helping the body rid itself of waste products. The cells of the outermost layer of the skin are constantly being renewed and discarded. It is estimated that 10 billion dead cells are sloughed off our bodies every 24 hours. These cells are dead material that easily absorbs waste excreted through the skin and is shed along with it.


With the ‘Beauty Lunch’ project Margherita, in collaboration with Krisztina Czika, is sharing how to take care of the skin by using completely natural products which, unlike some of the commercial cosmetics, do not contain traces of microplastic.  The beauty products are designed in the form of a menu of 7 courses, each of them is meant to be applied on the skin and later on be consumed along with a side dish. Participants are asked to eat and apply the beauty products in couples to promote the connection between skincare, food and senses. This experience changes the way of communicating with your food partner and the way of interacting with food as participants will use the body as a surface to incorporate with the meal, emphasizing the visual and tactile experience of eating.


In collaboration with Krisztina Czika.
Commissioned by Buro Imaginaire for ‘Feeling MySelf’ at Bankito, Hungary.

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