Growing Surface

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Growing Surface explores the potential of crystal as a creative and functional material.  It questions how crystal, a natural phenomenon, can be manipulated and shaped. The work aspires to discover if the substance can thus be grown and instructed to form a vertical structure. This piece is part of an exploration of nature’s potential to provide humans with inspiration.  

Margherita grounds herself in the belief that we, as humans, are inextricably connected to nature. Growing Surface both embraces the intelligence of nature and our dependency on it. Since they can be constructed, could crystals be grown and integrated into a structure?  Since they can be grown, could crystals be manipulated and shaped?

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February 2017: (Ir)Relevant Matter Biotalk at Mediamatic Galley Amsterdam

June 2016:  Forces for Architecture – Open Lab in collaboration with Jólan van der Wiel and Benthem Crouwel Architects. 

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