Skin Hunger


We all need to be touched. 

From a warm handshake or sympathetic hug to a congratulatory pat on the back, humans have developed complex languages, cultures, and emotional expression through physical contact.

Skin Hunger focusses on fulfilling the lack of tactility of our modern times by performing an individual tactile-dining experience as our need to connect us as fundamental as our need to eat.

Alice Héron and  Margherita Soldati explore the relationship between tactility and food through a 5-courses breakfast. 

Our brain is inextricably part of our body, which in return is a lively sensory system that interacts with the world to proceed a personalized habitat; the body is the platform that produces experiences.

This is why Skin Hunger combines massage, breathing and food through tactile props and bite-size dishes.



For more in-depth information on the experience and how to try it yourself at home visit this page.

Realized thanks to the Mediamatic team, Kenneth Moreno Kiernan, Alice Sprascio, Krisztina Czika and Marit Heinen.

Pictures by Anisa Xhomaqi.
Cover photo by Willem Velthoven.

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