Repairing Memories

Repairing Memories is the result of four week’s residency at Ateliers ’89 Punto di Beyas Artes in which visible mending techniques were used to repair broken plastic objects. In this case plastic chairs.

Instead of a thread, plastic fishing lines were used after being found entangled with algae and other organisms in the surrounding nature: in the sea and on the sand.

The chairs belonged to a neighbor who made use of them for family celebrations to accommodate the whole family in the garden. 

This mending technique made the cracks more visible and repairing them is an attempt to celebrate memories connected to the use of those chairs.

This work was exhibited in May 2022 in Aruba next to the works of the students who followed Margherita’s one-month workshop on plastic waste ‘Repairing Memories‘.

Special thanks to all the supporters from Mondriaan Fonds to Elvis Lopez and the Ateliers ’89 team, Brenchies Lab and Anne Lakeman (co-curator and photographer).

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