“Now, your personal alchemist, with infinite love, puts your feet in place of your head and head in place of your feet: so you better understand where you are going, and your mind runs as it has never done. Overturning.

Your alchemist, gently, positions your eyes in your ears and ears over your eyes, so that you see what you hear and listen to the music of what you see.

The alchemist brings your heart to your mouth and gives a mouth to your heart, so the words are meaningful and the feelings do not remain silent.
Everything is near, nothing far away.

What if we could extend our sense of hearing so that you can hear your body?”

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Where do we place ourselves in the society? What make us human? Is empathy a creative tool? How do we value our work? How can we expand and use our knowledge? How do we value our knowledge? How much do we care? What is a human being? What is the body? Why are we fascinated by it? Why the body? What connects body and mind? What is a Joker? Do we have to be a Doctor to work in a Hospital?

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