The Beauty Dinner


The Beauty Dinner explores the relationship between skin and gastronomy in 8 courses. The face masks of artists Margherita Soldati, Krisztina Czika and Chef Alice Héron were created to be applied to the skin as well as get eaten and will be served with delicious plant-based dishes.

Skin is the membrane that lines our bodies and is constantly in contact with
the world. Allowing us to interact with our surroundings while assisting in protecting our organs and tissues. However, the skin is not only a protective covering. Similar to other organs, it helps the body process and excretes waste products produced by the skin. The cells of the outermost layer of the skin are constantly regenerating itself after a life cycle of roughly 28 days. Cells die and fall off of our bodies every minute. These cells are dead material that easily absorbs waste excreted through the skin and is shed along with it.



How can we protect and nourish the new cells? Cosmetic products are widely used for this reason. Even though the cosmetic manufacturers are making it more and more difficult to understand what is in their products and how healthy they actually are for our skin, not to mention the negative impact they have on the environment.

Guests were asked to participate in couples to enhance the connection between skincare, food and senses. This experience reflects on how we interact with our beauty products, food and the partner we are sharing it with.

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Special thanks to artist Zsofia Kollar, the designer of the mirrors used throughout the entire dining experience. Special thanks to Rens Pörtzgen, the consulting chef for The Beauty Dinner. Extra special thanks to the Mediamatic team, Yanqi Huang and Sofia Donaque.

Pictures credit: Anisa Xhomaqi and Ruben Manusama


Exhibited and performed:

November 2019: Collaboration between Margherita Soldati, Alice Heron and Krisztina Czika at Mediamatic, Amsterdam
July 2019: Collaboration between Margherita Soldati and Krisztina Czika, commissioned by Buro Imaginaire for ‘Feeling MySelf’ at Bankito, Hungary

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