Soffitto is a sensorial installation permanently installed in the building of Mediamatic.



The work is inspired from the previous collection “The Skin is an Extension of the Brain” and it is meant to alter standard architectural elements, to stimulate the sense of touch, hearing and olfaction and to reflect on the behaviour of the visitors within the space.




With Soffitto (meaning ceiling)  Margherita is trying to blur the line between the traditional function of surfaces and more stimulating encounters with our daily surroundings. 

The multi-sensorial installation proposes a more active way of experiencing the space around us by actively engaging with our senses, by exploring the architecture with genuine curiosity and find a surprise in the daily normalcy.



The soundscape for the installation has been produced by Kamiel Rongen.

Pictures by Anisa Xhomaqi, Maxim Damper and Tia Török

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